I love this place! Everybody is so kind and happy. It was my first time at a dentist in a long time and I was nervous but all the staff was friendly and helpful. Thanks!

Reina S.

AMAZING Louisville Dental ER!!! Dr. Rinto is such an amazing specialist and person. His energy and passion for his patients is felt during every visit.He is kind and generous. He makes every patient feel valued and appreciated. The office is very organized.I am grateful for my amazing smile. I have highly recommended him to my friends and everyone

Jacob M.

By far Dr. Rinto the best dentist in the area.His staff do their best for us at all times.Thank you for taking such good care of your customers. Best practice ever! Recommend for emergency dental service.

Gerald M.

I am extremely happy with the results I got with my treatment at Dental ER. The result is more than satisfying and all of this would have not been possible without the help of Dr. Rinto and his staff. I will always be grateful for this new smile

Peter K.

Dr. Rinto and his team are so friendly welcoming and professional! I would highly recommend Louisville Dental ER.Team is very dedicated to helping create beautiful smiles. hank You!!

Mark H.

The office is amazing, staff amazing and the kindest people you’ve ever met. Dr. Rinto and his dream team will make sure everything is done perfectly and you walk out feeling beautiful.

Tiffany D.

My experience with Louisville Dental ER was fantastic.The office and service were superb. Recommend for emergency dental service.Thank you guys

William B.