Zoom Whitening

The one universal trait every great smile shares is the color. A white smile is what everyone is always after, and if you trust the experts at Louisville Dental E.R., a brilliantly white smile is what you’re going to get. From our Louisville, Kentucky office we are proud to offer Zoom! Whitening treatments for our clients. One of the most effective in-office whitening treatments on the market, Zoom! will have your smile shining bright in no time. Talk to our staff today about starting a teeth whitening program. Call us at 502-771-8362 to get started towards a brighter, whiter smile fast. 

What is Zoom! Whitening? 

Zoom! Whitening is an in-office whitening system designed by Phillips®. Louisville Dental E.R. is proud to offer this state-of-the-art dental whitening system to our clients. Not only will you love your smile, but you can rest easy knowing that some of the best minds in the dental whitening game are behind what is giving you your great looking smile. 

Zoom! Whitening Process

  • Step #1 – The dentist preps your mouth for the whitening treatment, and applies the concentrated whitening gel to your teeth. This takes only a few moments.
  • Step #2 – From here the dentist will apply the high powered LED lamp to your teeth to activate the gel. 
  • Step #3 – The lamp is applied three times. The total whitening process takes about 45 minutes give or take. 
  • Step #4 – Once you have reached your desired shade, the dentist will prep your teeth for the completion of your whitening, and you are free to go show off your new smile. 

If you are ready for a new whiter smile, you need to reach out to Louisville Dental E.R. Our team of seasoned professionals will have you smiling wider and brighter in only 45 minutes thanks to Zoom! Whitening. Invest in your smile today and call us at 502-771-8362 to schedule your teeth whitening session. You can also schedule your own visit by filling out our online form.