Tooth Colored Fillings

It is a common site for those that have cavities to smile, laugh, or speak with others and have that distinctive metal color flash while their mouth is open. Traditional dental fillings will leave you with a random metal throughout your smile, but the fillings from Louisville Dental E.R. are different. Our Tooth Colored Fillings are able to mimic the same color as your teeth, and completely blend into your smile. Talk to a member of our team today about what Tooth Colored Fillings are able to do for you. Call us now at 502-771-8362 to setup your visit, and get the kind of smile you deserve, 

What Are Fillings?

Fillings are what dentist’s use to fill in the areas on a tooth that has been affected by tooth decay and cavities. Once the cavity and/or decay is removed the filling materials in injected in the area to stabilize and repair the tooth.

Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings 

Tooth colored fillings are one of the options that are available today. Louisville Dental E.R. uses tooth colored or composite fillings due the advantages associated with the material. Those advantages are as follows. 

  • They Look Great – The aesthetics of tooth colored fillings are without a doubt the highest among all of the available options on the market. Through the use of pigment, the filling will match the current shade of your teeth, and leave you with a seamlessly awesome smile. 
  • Superior Bonding – The composite material used in the Tooth Colored Fillings at Louisville Dental E.R. bond completely with your teeth, adding another layer of stability that is not found with the other options available.
  • Highly Versatile – In addition to working for filling in cavities, composite fillings are also great for small chips, cracks, and other minor cosmetic issues you might have with your smile. 
  • Less Tissue Removal – In order to fully support the bond of the other materials (Amalgam, Gold) some additional health tooth material needs to be removed. This is not the case with Composite Fillings. Less natural tooth needs to be removed, leaving more of your real smile once the procedure is complete. 

If you need help with filling cavities or taking care of other cosmetic issues plaguing your smile, come in to Louisville Dental E.R. today to see how tooth colored composite dental fillings can help you. Call us today at 502-771-8362 to schedule your visit. You can use our online form to request an appointment as well.