Dental Crown

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What is a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that goes over and completely encases the tooth that is being repaired. This is different from a filling that will only cover the area that was damaged by decay or trauma. Speak to a member of our dental care team about what solution might work best for your situation. 

Why You Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are an appropriate treatment in many cases. Some of those cases are as follows. 

  • Protect a Vulnerable Tooth – A crown is a great way of protecting a tooth that has been compromised by tooth decay. They are also a wonderful solution for those teeth that are cracked and need support to stay together. Whatever the case, our dental team will help you identify and choose the right solution for you. 
  • Restore a Broken Tooth – Instead of extracting the broken tooth, there are times where a dental crown is able to cover and protect the tooth from further damage. This ensures that you are able to keep all of your natural teeth, and still have a smile you can be proud of. 
  • Support an Already Repaired Tooth – For those that have suffered tooth decay, and have large fillings, a dental crown is able to help restore your tooth to full function. 

Dental Crowns are also a great option for cosmetic fixes as well. They can cover misshapen or discolored teeth, hold bridges in place, and even cover dental implants

Next Steps 

Your next step is to reach out to Louisville Dental E.R. and schedule your visit. Our team of dental professionals will help identify the issues you are looking to correct, and find the best solution available for you. Call our office today at 502-771-8362 to schedule your visit, and see how we can help you save your smile. You can use our online form to schedule your visit as well.