Abscess / Infection Management

For those dealing with an abscess the pain and discomfort is inescapable. The team here at Louisville Dental E.R. understands what you’re going through, and are ready to help you fast. Our Louisville, Kentucky office is open seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm to make sure that you can get the help you need, when you need it. Call us now at 502-771-8362 to setup your visit.  

What is an Abscess? 

Simply put, an abscess is a pocket of infection in your mouth. Primarily found in your gum tissue, an abscess will eat away at your gum tissue, and damage everything about your smile if you don’t get the kind of care you need. Don’t let an abscess take your smile. 

Abscess Symptoms 

These are a few of the symptoms you may experience when dealing with a dental abscess. 

Oral or Dental PainSwelling in Face or JawDiscoloration of Face or Jaw
Gum InflammationTenderness in Face or JawPus Drainage
Oral SwellingDifficulty Opening JawDifficulty Swallowing

Talk to the experts at Louisville Dental E.R. today about how to become abscess and infection free today. 

What Causes an Abscess?

The main cause of a dental abscess is bacteria has gathered within your gum tissue, and caused an infection. This bacteria can come from a number of places such as. 

  • Infected Tooth
  • Poor Oral Hygiene (Not Brushing or Flossing Enough, Not Using Mouthwash, Etc.)
  • Alcohol and/or Tobacco Use
  • Poor Diet
  • Untreated Cavities

What’s Next? 

Your next step needs to be contacting Louisville Dental E.R. to get yourself setup with a time to have your abscess drained, and the infection taken care of. Our dental health experts will get you on a treatment protocol that will eliminate your infection, and have you on the men fast. Call our Louisville, Kentucky office today at 502-771-8362 to schedule your visit. Our online form is also available to help you schedule your visit.